Currency Exchange with RationalFX

Currency exchange - Laddr international

RationalFX Can Offer:

When transferring large sums of money from one country to another or when budgeting for regular monthly payments to an overseas account, even small differences in the exchange rate can make significant differences.

When transferring from your bank account to an overseas account you would normally have to factor in expensive bank charges. 

Sometimes, contracts stipulate that payments be made several months in the future by which time the rate could have fluctuated.

We therefore recommend all of our clients to use a specialist currency broker rather than their normal bank. 

  • Bank Beating Exchange Rates
  • Fee-Free Transfers 
  • Same Day Overseas 
  • Regular Overseas Payment Facilities 
  • To Fix Rates for Future Payments 
  • A Personal Broker

We recommend RationalFX to all of our clients, and we use them for our own international transfers. 

They offer all of the above as well as a simple to use online interface and an excellent customer service team. Through RationalFX you can achieve the best exchange rates available and eliminate the risk of currency fluctuations making future payments prohibitively expensive. 

The are authorised by the FCA and hold client funds in Barclays Bank, so with over 100,000 customers and with over £10 bIllion of transfers made since 2005, you can be sure that you savings are in safe hands.