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Laddr international is proud to work in direct partnersip with NCS Lawyers, A Spanish Law firm established in 1997 with expertise in the Spanish property market.

Unfortunately during the boom years many properties in Spain were built without proper planning permission, or missing vital licenses. During the financial crisis that followed many homeowners fell into debt and those debts can sometimes be transferred with the property.

Properties listed on the Laddr Website, and which are marked with the “NCS Seal of approval” have undergone Due-dilligence by NCS before being listed. Buyers can therefore be assured that they are looking at a legitimate legal Spanish Property and be confident that they are not going to be disappointed (or out of pocket) if a problem is discovered later down the line*.

The due diligence, held in our office,  includes the following information:

  1. Land Registry description.
  2. List of charges and debts in the property (for example a mortgage).
  3. Building License
  4. Habitation Certificate
  5. Bank Guarantees (if off plan)

Where a property is bought from a developer, NCS Lawyers will also conduct due-diligence on the developer as well as the individual development. Ensuring that the developer is solvent and reputable and that any representative of the company signing contracts is legally authorised to do so.

Case-by-Case NCS Lawyers will also undertake any other searches that they feel would be prudent.

*The NCS Lawyers seal of approval guarantees that there were no issues with the property at the point that it was listed with Laddr International. It is possible that debts or charges could be registered against the property at some point after that date and therefore we recommend that full searches are conducted again during the buying process and at the point of transfer.