Spanish Property Affiliates


Over the last year Laddr International’s UK office has successfully established itself as a provider of qualified leads for our partners in the Murcia Region. Through 2018 we intend to increase our portfolio throughout the rest of Spain, establishing relationships with quality, reputable agents in all regions. We also intend to increase our exposure throughout the UK by establishing more connections with affiliate property agents.

Spanish Affiliate Property Agents

We intend to maintain our reputation as Local Property Experts and in order to achieve this we are seeking to work with smaller local agents who are focused on their area and who can provide a level of insight to our clients that is lost to large agencies with faster turnovers of staff.

In turn we can offer access to modern, digital marketing techniques and exposure which is normally only available to larger companies with large budgets

If you are a Spanish Property Agent we would love to hear from you and discuss what we can offer your team.

UK Affiliate Property Agents

Do you run business or a website in the UK which has contact with potential purchasers of Spanish Property? Maybe you have a estate agency and can offer Spanish property as an alternative revenue stream, or are a mortgage broker who occasionally deals with clients who are remortgaging to fund the purchase of a holiday home.

We can offer a selection of marketing materials, both digital and physical which enable you to capitalise on that potential revenue stream with the minimum effort possible, allowing you to concentrate on the main objectives of your business.

Please contact us and we can discuss the tools and services we can offer

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