We want this offer to be as simple as possible. We get paid commission by the builder and we are willing to use a very significant proportion of that commission – €5000 – to help you buy Airconditioning when you move.

By registering your interest in the development there is no commitment to purchase a property or part with any money. Registering your interest just means that we can register your details with the developer as a client introduced by our company (as per our agreement with them). If you later decide to proceed with the purchase of a property on this development we can secure our commission.

We will pay the €5000 directly to the Airconditioning installers of your choice as soon as we receive our commission from the builder (we will not expect you to restrict your purchase to the supplier that suits us). This should be as, or before the property is completed and so we will help you arrange for delivery as soon as the property is yours.

Of course we will support you throughout the entire viewing, purchasing and moving in process with a full sales and after sales support service.

If you choose not to purchase on this development we will not use your details for any other marketing purpose unless you expressly give us permission to do so.

Of course we do have to make sure that the offer is clear so that there can be no misunderstandings so please take a moment to read the full terms and conditions below:


Terms and conditions – Launch offer Pinar de Campoverde

This offer is being made by Laddr Limited (Hereafter “LADDR”) to potential purchasers (Hereafter “REGISTRANTS” of off-plan villas in Vistas el Castillo II situated in Calle Lentisco, Pinar de Campoverde, Pilar de la Horadada, 03191, Alicante, Spain (Hereafter “THE DEVELOPMENT”) being promoted by Lomas de Arriba SL (Hereafter ”THE DEVELOPER”)

  1. The offer is valid only for REGISTRANTS registered with THE DEVELOPER as clients of LADDR.
  2. Registration does not represent any commitment by the REGISTRANT to purchase any property or pay any deposit.
  3. To register, REGISTRANTS must; provide their full name, email address and telephone number to LADDR. using the registration form found at laddrinternational.com , give permission for LADDR to share that information (for the sole purpose of executing this agreement) with THE DEVELOPER.
  4. REGISTRANTS cannot register as clients of LADDR if they have already registered to view THE DEVELOPMENT with any other third party, or they have already registered their interest directly with THE DEVELOPER.
  5. Final acceptance of registration is at the sole discretion of THE DEVELOPER.
  6. Once the DEVELOPER has accepted the REGISTRANTS as registered clients of LADDR, LADDR will inform the REGISTRANTS by email.
  7. In the event that the REGISTRANTS visit THE DEVELOPMENT or choose to register their interest in THE DEVELOPMENT with any other third party agents either before or after their registration with LADDR, this agreement will become void.
  8. In the event that the REGISTRANTS decide to purchase a property in THE DEVELOPMENT as clients registered by LADDR with THE DEVELOPER, LADDR will agree to contribute €5000 (including IVA) towards purchasing Airconditioning for the property.
  9. The €5,000 that is subject to this agreement will be paid directly to the furniture supplier.
  10. The supplier will be expected to give a full legal invoice for the goods supplied.
  11. The REGISTRANT will provide LADDR with a receipt for the furniture once it has been supplied.
  12. The €6,000 will only be provided once the REGISTRANTS have completed their purchase before the NOTARY PUBLIC and have become the legally registered owners of their property in THE DEVELOPMENT, and, once LADDR has received the full commission corresponding to the REGISTRANTS purchase from THE DEVELOPER.
  13. This offer is subject to the purchase being made in accordance with THE DEVELOPERS standard purchase terms and conditions.
  14. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer made by either LADDR or the DEVELOPER without the express written agreement of an authorised representative of LADDR (a director of the company).
  15. This agreement is between LADDR and the REGISTRANTS and has no binding effect on the DEVELOPER.
  16. LADDR reserve the right to withdraw this offer without prior notice, this will not effect any prior agreement made under its terms.