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Lo Romero Golf – Pilar de la Horadada

If you are looking for a property in Spain, whether you’re a golfer or not, we think that Lo Romero Golf, right on the border of the Murcia and Alicante regions should be right at the top of the list of locations to visit. At Laddr International we love Lo Romero, not just as a place to be but as a place to invest. Here are just 7 reasons why.

1. Location, Location, Location

Lo Romero Golf Course is nestled in a beautiful, peaceful location between the thriving town of Pilar de La Horadada and the popular residential village of Pinar de Campoverde, right at the southernmost point of the Costa Blanca and just a short drive away from 5 kilometres of stunning blue flag sandy beaches. This privileged position not only gives easy access to every amenity you could possibly need but also provides a wonderful setting to live. In an elevated position, surrounded by the huge Lo Romero citrus farm and sat right along side the Rio Seco nature reserve the course has been designed to sit unobtrusively in the landscape and the properties enjoy views of the pine forests, orange groves, fairways and across to the Mediterranean sea. It really is a special place and a location which is both practically and aesthetically a wonderful place to live.

Guide to Lo Romero Golf 2. The course itself

A par 72, 18 hole course, Lo Romero Golf is one of the most beautifully landscaped courses in the region, following the naturally undulating landscape, 15 holes feature water hazards and the 18th requires a skilful drive onto an island green, challenging even the most experienced of players. Whether you play golf yourself or not the course is a surefire attraction for guests and the immaculately maintained fairways and lakes add to the already beautiful surroundings.


3. It’s not a resort….

At a glance this might seem a strange thing to boast about but we believe that this is one of the things that makes Lo Romero so special.

Unlike most golf courses which were developed as part of a large out of town resort, all being built by a single, giant property developer who had quick profits in mind, Lo Romero was built to be run as a stand alone golf course. When the town hall offered the land for tender, their interest was not in short-term financial gain, but in a long term sustainability which would benefit the town as a whole.

This also means that the maintenance of the course and surrounding facilities is not dependent upon the property owners. They get all of the benefits with none of the responsibility!


Altos de lo romero golf

4. It’s well established.

Lo Romero golf course was inaugurated in 2007 and has had ten years to establish itself. In that time Lo Romero Golf has gone from strength to strength, the course has been kept immaculately and has grown into the landscape. It has become a popular favourite on the south east Spain Golf circuit . Having prospered through the worst economic conditions in living memory, we can be confident that it will continue to flourish now that the economy is growing well.

5. But it’s not yet established…

Hang on, did we just contradict ourselves? Not at all.

The history of Lo Romero Golf is rather unique, when the course was opened in 2007 there were several developers planning to build on the available land in and around the course, but unfortunately the economic downturn in 2008 halted all development. While the course continued to establish itself no building took place. Now that the economy has revived the builders are coming back and we now see several developments underway. This creates a situation which we haven’t seen before and that we believe presents a great opportunity; to be an early investor in property on a golf course which is already well established.

Altos de Lo romero golf

6. There is no single master developer.

Unlike most golf resort developments the properties being built around Lo Romero Golf are spread between several developments and several different individual developers. This has many advantages. Firstly there is a huge variation in the type of property being built, from lo-rise apartments to grand individual villas. This will create a diverse mix of architecture rather than the repeated models we normally see on golf resorts. We also have to consider the benefit of having multiple developers in close proximity, to attract buyers to purchase their property over a neighbouring developers they have to compete and offer the buyer more for their money. This competition has resulted in a huge increase in the quality of finish that is being offered by developers in Lo Romero Golf. The standard is very high across all the developments on the course and is vastly superior to anything seen in the last boom years.

Guide to Lo Romero Golf

7. Lo Romero Golf has great investment potential.

Firstly, across any market, rarity creates value. Demand and supply dictate price, so a limited supply pushes prices up. The desirability of owning a property in a location that is as well established and managed as Lo Romero Golf will drive demand, and with a limited supply of each type of property, prices will be forced upwards.

But a sensible investor should also look at what would happen were that demand to be taken away. Where there is a limited supply of a particular style of property, its value should still fare better than a similar property on a development where there are lots of properties which are all very similar. In the later case there is a far higher chance of a ‘race to the bottom’ where no property will be worth more than that owned by the most desperate seller.

From an investment perspective, the biggest gains are always to be made by the earliest investors and we have already pointed out how in this respect Lo Romero presents a rather rare opportunity. Normally the earliest investors in a golf development would be coming in before the ground for the course had even been cut and would have to wait years to see their investment come to life. At Lo Romero early investors are buying into a development on a course which is already established and commercially proven. The benefits can be reaped far more quickly.


And so there we have it, not only does Lo Romero Golf present an opportunity to buyers of all tastes and budgets to own a property in a exceptional setting and in idilic location, it also represents a situation where buyers can be confident in their investment.

If you are looking for a property in the Spanish sun, then adding Lo Romero to your locations to visit is a must. Our “Guide to Lo Romero” is packed wth over 40-pages of information about the course, the local area and every single one of the developments within it get your copy now and finde out everything you need to know! 


Laddr international are on hand to arrange viewing trips of Lo Romero and the surrounding area. Our highly experienced team can answer any questions you may have.

Are you a golfer? Learn more about the course here: https://www.loromerogolf.com/?lang=en



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