At Laddr International we pride ourselves on presenting properties in the best way possible. Our Local Property Experts are not only highly experienced in the property market in your area but are trained to produce high quality traditional photographs and 360º tours of your property.

Our 360º tours can be viewed on all platforms, from Desktops to mobile phones and, Via our dedicated smartphone app can even be viewed using Virtual Reality headsets…. Image that, prospective buyers can take a look around properties  in Virtual Reality, and then use Google Street view to take a wander around the area….

We will also add the tour to our partner websites.

Take a look at one of our tours here:

So what the advantages of virtual tours?

From the buyers perspective the advantages are obvious, if you are searching for a property overseas your time on the ground in the country of your choice is likely to be limited. With the help of virtual reality a buyer can view many properties from the comfort of home and create a shortlist ready to maximise their time when they fly over for viewings.

This has a knock on benefit for the seller who will only be opening their doors for potential buyers who are already sufficiently familiar with the property to know that they are not wasting the sellers time. In fact Property Week estimated that Virtual Tours reduce wasted viewings by as much as 40% – that all of time spent cleaning and brewing fresh coffee saved!

Futhermore,, in the USA estimated that listings with Virtual Tours get 40% more interest that those without.

So Virtual Tours not only increase interest in properties but they also increase the quality of the viewings…. To us, using them is a no brainer.